(English translation is currently under construction)

    «Supercont SKM» can be used with any type of metal contacts in the electrical networks of direct or alternating currents. Such metals include copper, aluminum, steel, titanium or any combination of these contact metals, i.e.: copper-aluminum, copper-steel, aluminum-steel, copper-titanium, etc.
    Contacts protected by «Supercont SKM» can withstand heat from + 300 oC to +350 oC (572 oF to 662 oF) for Al-Al, Al-Cu and + 450 oC (842 oF) for Cu-CuCu-Fe, while maintaining the metals’ integrity and initial electrical characteristics.
    «Supercont SKM» is non-toxic, non-explosive and non-flameable.
    The durability of the electrical contacts using «Supercont SKM», without intermediate repair, depends on the duration of equipment operation.
    Shelf life of «Supercont SKM», in metal containers, is unlimited.
    When applying «Supercont SKM», no other method of corrosion protection, such as galvanic coating with silver or other metals, copper and aluminum adapter plates and gaskets, neutral nondedicated lubricants as vaseline, et. al., is required. «Supercont SKM» is most effective in areas with moist maritime tropical climate, in gassy and dusty production.
                         Grease can also be used:
                         — by road, rail, maritime transport, aviation;
                         in all kinds of power plants (power stations, hydro and nuclear);
                         in high-voltage power lines, in the step-down electrical transformers;<
                         in military equipment;
                         in the area with high humidity;
                          in the area of high dust content;
                         with aggressive chemical sprays of any acid and alkali;
                          with aggressive gases.

 for all types of electrical equipment, which have collapsible electrical contacts;