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Supercont Research & Development Company
   Supercont R&D Company, located in Krasnoyarsk, Russia is engaged in scientific and technical developments in the field of stabilization of electrical contacts (technological processes), their active corrosion protection and reduction of electrical energy losses. Company was founded in 1993 on the basis of the research department of contact connections in Engineering Center in Kransoyarsk. Our products are special electrically conductive greases of the «Supercont Series«, which are applied since 1994 in major Russian metallurgical, chemical and nuclear industries, power plants.
   The «Supercont Grease» was patented in 1995 through the Russian Federation, patent # 2046412. In 1994 mass production of «Supercont Grease» commenced and was supplied to various large industrial enterprises.
   Supercont R&D Company modified the «Supercont Grease» in 2004 and developed «Supercont SKM» for use to include the arctic regions as well as specialized grease’s «Extraсont-M» (Supercont SKL), «Primaсont-M” (Supercont SKP).


1993                Supercont R&D was founded on the basis of the research

department of contact connections in Engineering Center

(Krasnoyarsk, Russia)


Patent application for the product has been filed


 1995                Patent # 2046412 has been issued under the title “Electrically

conductive grease “Supercont”


   1999                Production of improved grease with adjusted structure and

technology commenced after further research and processed

results of the commercial operation:


—  Supercont  Spec No 2257-001-10173351-99 (after structure



 2004 —             The work on the composition correction of the grease, based on

 2005                comments and recommendations of Chief Electricians of main

customers, has been completed

In particular:

—  serious consumer disadvantages were eliminated

—  principle of multilevel active corrosion protection was preserved

and strengthened


Grease “Supercont” was modified to become a new generation

product — «Supercont SKM» for use to include the arctic regions


Spec No 5463-001-10211815-2014


 2005  —             Continuous improvement of the product and research



Supercont R&D is constantly improving its products, adapting greases for specific production conditions at the requests of costumers, conducting new developments and preparing documents for the patenting of new products.



   Should any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to provide our technical assistance and expert advice.


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