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Supercont SKM
    Grease «Supercont SKM» is an universal electrically conductive grease with active corrosion protection for standard electrical contacts according to Russian national standard GOST 10434-82 — «Electric contact connections. Classification. General technical requirements».
     The technology and composition for the electrically conductive grease of the «Supercont Series» was developed by Supercont Research & Development Company.
     Supercont SKM» is made of a special active organic matrix and fine metal powders. When applying «Supercont SKM» to metal contacts, the metal powders fill the micro and macro working surfaces of the contacts, thereby increasing the area of active transmission of electrical currents, running through those contacts. The electrical resistance, of the contacts, decrease from 2 up to 20 times, depending on the physical condition of the contacts’ surfaces.
      «Supercont SKM» maintains the contacts’ surface, keeping it in a perfect working condition, by dissolving metal oxides without damaging the metals of the contacts’ surface.
      «Supercont SKM» creates and provides multi-layered corrosion protection within a wide range of temperatures: — 60 oC  to  + 450 oC (- 76 oF  to  842 oF).
      Unlike other similar products based on neutral lubricants, which disintegrate at temperatures between + 125  to + 150 oC (257 to 302 oF), «Supercont SKM» will continue to provide high efficiency and protection, to the contacts, in very extreme temperatures. This protection keeps the electrical resistance of the contacts at starting levels.
      Grease consumption per unit of contact’s surface is reduced in about 2 times, compared with the previously released (until 2004) grease «Supercont.» Thereby 1 kg of «Supercont SKM» = 2 kg of «Supercont» (released in 1999).

                     Grease «Supercont SKM» provides:

                —  Active multi-layered corrosion protection within a wide range of temperatures;
           —  Protection from moisture, gases, dust, dirt and any aggressive chemical sprays;
           —  Maintenance of high adhesion to metals at temperatures up to — 60 oC (- 76 oF), which is especially relevant in the Northern regions;
           —  Decrease of the electrical resistance, of the contacts, from 2 up to 20 times;
           —  Reduction of electrical energy losses and costs of electricity (per 1 kg of grease) to 4500 kWh in the first year of operation, with increase in the following years;
           —  Effective breakage protection in multiple sustained overload of power grids, while maintaining initial electrical parameters;
           —  Increase of durability of the electrical contacts at least twice, without intermediate repair;
              —  Stabilization of the power grids without use of expensive hardware;
           —  Increase of the operating current by 25-30% without changing the structure of the electrical connections and the power busbar, thereafter intensification of technological processes;